Natureʼs Serving makes vegetables tastier………and was created to be loved by everyone!

80% of the US population do not eat the five portions of vegetables and fruits per day recommended by the USDA and doctors for a healthy diet, Natureʼs Serving saw a great opportunity to help people lead a healthier lifestyle.

So, we created a line of vegetable based products from natural and selected ingredients that are tasty, healthy, convenient, affordable and perfect for all occasions, every day, everywhere!

Make your burger and sandwich healthier!
First, we put a whole serving of vegetables, along with delicious natural flavors, into a simple slice. When you put a Nature's Serving slice onto a burger, or into grilled cheese or chicken sandwiches you get a whole serving of selected vegetables, but with a wonderful savory blend that brings out the flavor of your burger or sandwich. You get the goodness of the vegetables in your favorite quick meal. Just like fresh veggies, each slice is a good source of fiber and vitamins, and is low in fat, low sodium, has no added sugar and does not have allergens like gluten, soy or dairy. Our slices can be found near the sliced cheese and cold cuts in the refrigerated aisle.

At home or on-the-go!
For you to enjoy the same benefits of the veggie slices when you are on the go, we created a great tasting crunchy snack with the same full serving of vegetables, the same tasty goodness, but in crisps ready to eat out of the bag!

Vegetables help to satisfy your hunger and contain fiber, vitamins and important nutrients that we all need every day. Vegetables do not contain any of the typical allergens, like gluten, soy or nuts. Natureʼs Serving is veggies, but better!

Tasty, affordable, easy to serve and easy to shop!